2010 Canning Inventory

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With the year wrapped up, I can post all that I canned this year. Keeping track helps me know what I need to make more of and what I can skip in 2011.

11 quarts strawberry-lemonade concentrate
28 pints strawberry jam
9 pints strawberry-blueberry jam
10 pints pizza sauce
5 pints banana-strawberry jam
9 pints spiced peach jam
6 pints vanilla peach jam
10 pints peach plum jam
5 pints peach strawberry jam
14 pints zucchini salsa
6 pints hot El-Pato sauce
12 pints apricot-strawberry jam
9 quarts picante sauce
12 pints picante sauce
18 quarts mexican tomato sauce
5 quarts apple pear sauce
27 quarts applesauce
37 quarts pickles
8 pints lemon juice
10 half-pints lemon juice
21 quarts apple pie filling
5 quarts pinto beans
9 quarts turkey meat and broth

I canned many more beans in 2009. I found that I was using them almost as fast as I was canning them, though, so I forced myself to stop and get in the habit of cooking beans on a regular basis. In 2011, I plan to get about 20 quarts on the shelf and leave them there for needful meals, not for convenience. I also need to make more meals-in-a-jar. We depleted them when Polly was hospitalized last year. I have chili canning as I type this, for my first entry on the 2011 canning inventory. Several soups are on my to-do list for the coming weeks.

I *miss* having canned green beans. I was not able to make a bulk purchase at the farmer's market at all last year. Spring can't come fast enough! We do have a small number of strawberry based jams left, but they are almost gone. I used our last bag of frozen berries in smoothies last month. I should increase the strawberry jams by a batch or two.