Peach Honey

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This is an incredible recipe. I found it at pickyourown, which is a very useful and often visited (by me) site.

Peach Honey

When peeling peaches to can, save peelings in a large pot. Rinse them, if not previously washed.

Cover peelings with water and cook peels until they are soft. I let my peelings sit in water overnight, since it was late when I was finished with the peaches.

Strain the water, which is now peach juice, off of the peels and measure. Pour juice in a pot and add half the measure of sugar, ie: 10 cups juice, 5 cups sugar. Compost peelings. Bring the juice and sugar to a boil, then transfer to a crockpot. Cool on low until juice is thickened. I cooked it half a day, then overnight and it was ready in the morning. The juice has thickened into 'honey' and tastes great! Use in recipes calling for honey, as a spread on a peanut butter sandwich, to stir into oatmeal, etc.

If you wish to can your honey, fill jars to 1/4", and do a Boiling Water Bath for 5-7 minutes.


Candace said...

You can do the same thing with Pears! :)