Homemade Canned Cat Food

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This is from a forum I am on. I am excited to try this recipe!

Homemade Canned Cat Food

6 whole chickens or 20 lbs leg quarters
6 lbs chicken livers
1.5 lbs Yellow veggies (carrots, pumpkin)
1.5 lbs Green veggies (green beans, zucchini, collards)

The evening before: Bake chicken at 350 for 2 hours, cover or lower temp halfway. Cool quickly on cold porch or on dinner plates. Use heavy rubber gloves and strip meat from bones as soon as you can handle it, skin and all. It is quick when you are not picky! I put my stand mixer in the sink with the grinder attachment and strip it right into the grinder, and into two of the biggest mixing bowls you've ever seen. A couple big plastic pails would work, too. Run the livers through the grinder, too, raw (yuk!)

Put all bones in a large stock pot or crockpot, cover with filtered water or well water, and simmer overnight. No onions or garlic or salt.

Next day: Strain broth, use a bit to run the veggies through the blender, or run them through the food processor w/o broth. Add veggies to ground meat, and add enough broth to moisten the meat, the more the better. Let them have some of the fat, too, adjust according to their weight. Don't make it fat-free, they need some fat.

Pressure can it at 11 lbs in pint jars for 75 minutes, cold pack method.

The recipe makes about 30 pints.