Feeding the Crew Gets Honored

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Katherine at Homestead Garden and Pantry, honored me with the Stylish Blogger Award. Granny Miller, as she goes by, is the writer of *the* most inspiring blog I have come across. I've read her blog for years and implemented ideas as I am able on my little Urban Homestead. Is it childish to admit how giddy I was when I realized that
she was aware of my blog?

The rules of the game are that I must divulge seven things that you may not know about me and pass the honor along to fifteen other bloggers. Therefore:

1. I had several pet tarantulas as a child. I was fascinated by them. I brought them to school for show and tell once and was told by a girl that I was weird.

2. I am double-jointed in my hands and legs. I should have challenged that girl to a game of Mercy! Double-jointed-ness can lead to arthritis. I had a lot of pain in my hands and other joints several years ago that was cured by drinking kombucha.

3. I didn't know how to cook when I got married. I knew how to prepare Rice-a-Roni, Top Ramen, and Mac and Cheese. My husband asked for mashed potatoes and I said, "OK, I'll go get a box." He said, "No, real mashed potatoes!" It was an epiphany. I had never thought of making mashed potatoes from potatoes, just from a box of flakes. It didn't turn out well that first time. I have improved since then.

4. I love books! If you read at my other blogs, you already know that. I am currently cataloging my books so I might buy fewer duplicates. I have a friend who is waiting eagerly to hear the end number. My suspicion is so that she can say to her husband, "At least I'm not a bad as HER!"

5. I grew up in a very small town. The speed limit downtown was 15 MPH. In the outlaying roads, it was 30. You could go all of 55 on the highway, but I wasn't out there often. When I moved to Sacramento, CA, I was a wreck! I was afraid to drive the forty mph speed limit in town. My sister-in-laws, aged 12 and 13 at the time, thought this terribly funny.

6. I am a planner. I write lists of everything. However, I often forget my shopping lists at home. This makes my dear husband laugh and roll his eyes. "Good thing you are cute", says he.

7. I told my husband when we met (at age 15) that I wanted 22 children. I thought that would scare him off. :) It did not. He negotiated down to 10. That seemed like ever so many, back then. Now I wish I had stuck with a dozen or more. We have eight living children and two with the Lord, so he says we are finished.

Now to bestow the Stylish Blogger Award to fifteen others....

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tabitha said...

Thank you for passing the award along to me! I really enjoyed reading your 7 things and hope I can devote some time to sharing similarly interesting tidbits/ I have been a poor blogger since the move, sorry!

Tabitha O'Melay