Super-Fast Meat Recipe

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Busy days happen more often than I like. One of my favorite go-to meals is recipe-less, but I will describe it here. 

I buy less expensive cuts of meat and slice them into strips. This is similar to a fajita-style slice.  It doesn't really matter how thick or long they are. I make them bite sized strips, personally.  This I freeze in 2-3 pound portions, flattened into a gallon sized bag.  This thaws quickly when allowed to sit in warm water.  I can be cooking ten minutes after I take a package out of the freezer. 

If I am serving a rice dish, I start it first, because the meat cooks fast.  I also put on veggies to steam. I always serve a green salad, too.

I melt a generous amount of bacon grease or home-rendered tallow in a cast iron skillet and add the meat. I sprinkle it well with A&D spice mixture that I buy from a local company. It's a proprietary blend, so there's no recipe available, but you can order some at the link. I use it for beef, chicken and beans. It's an excellent quality, no MSG blend.  If you don't have a favorite blend, use salt, pepper, chili powder, onion and/or garlic powders, etc. to season to suit your tastes. 

Cook and stir over medium-high heat until done. The time required depends on how thick you cut your meat. Mine takes less than ten minutes.  Serve with the veggies, salad and side dish of your choice and you have a super quick, nourishing homemade meal! 

Any leftover meat (does that happen ever? HA!) is great cut up and served in eggs the next morning.