How to Prepare Chicken Feet

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My friend, MotherofBlessings raises chickens for meat and eggs, and also allows me to purchase some and she raises them for me. She blesses us so much! When butchering time comes, we come out and help with all of them.

This year, we used a different approach to the butchering and just skinned and pieced the birds. It was quicker since we didn't have to scald or pluck the birds, or mess with gutting them. However, since they weren't scalded, we had to prepare the feet at home. I took pictures, so you could learn how to prepare feet for using in broth. They really are the secret ingredient for a truly mineral-rich broth!

Here's my plate of feet before processing:

First you need to scald the feet in boiling water. Boiling water loosens the outer layer of scaly skin.

Next, remove the feet and let them cool just a bit. I only scalded two at a time, since they need to be hot for the next step.

Rub the foot and leg briskly with your thumb and forefinger. The thick yellow layer should peel off very easily. Also, remove the sheaths that cover the claws. You didn't know the Lord made removable covers for chicken toes, did you? Everything that touched the ground while the chicken walked comes off and you are left with a sparkling clean foot. The white thing on my ring finger is a toenail sheath.

Repeat till you have a plate of clean, ready-to-use feet. Some people clip off the toes with a sharp knife to allow more gelatin to escape. This is optional. I get a great, solid broth without that step.


Leigh said...

Thank you for this post. This is the first time I've saved the feet from processing some of our own chickens, and I've been looking for instructions on what to do with them. Your photos and information is very helpful.

MommaofMany said...

You are so very welcome!