Homemade Toothpaste

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Homemade Toothpaste

2 Tbsp coconut oil
3 Tbsp baking soda
1/2 small packet of stevia, or liquid drops to taste

Mix well, then flavor with:

5 or more drops peppermint oil
5 or more drops spearmint oil
1 tsp cinnamon + 3-4 drops clove oil

I bought some anise oil. We are going to try that next time. I store mine in a wide mouth food container with a tiny little samplespoon I snagged from Target. I'd love to find an easier to use, more practical way to store it. Any suggestions?


brite said...

I can't tell how old this post is...I subscribe to your blog and just did a search for toothpaste in my reader and this came up.

I used your recipe, and this technique: http://ultimatemoneyblog.com/make-your-own-toothpaste-2

FYI...by the way, do you still use your own toothpaste, and do you still use this recipe? Just wondering. :)


MommaofMany said...

Thanks for subscribing! I do still use this recipe, along with occasionally buying natural toothpaste for variety. I still haven't come up with a better way to store it, but it works well enough. Thanks for sharing the link!