2011 Canning Inventory

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I canned a lot more this year! I know that I need more canned pintos, more chili, and I need to focus on getting some meat dishes canned.  I'm pretty happy with what I got done, though.

18 pints chili
7 quarts OJ (don't can OJ, it gets bitter...this was a waste)
42 pints strawberry jam
21 quarts pinto beans
15 pints Creamsicle jam
10 pints strawberry boysenberry jam
22 pints mixed fruit jam
6 pints boysenberry jam
9 pints gingered plum jam
4 quarts picante sauce
68 quarts green beans
3 quarts tomato juice
10 pints pizza sauce
12 pints mock pineapple
4 quarts elderberry syrup
3 pints elderberry syrup
7 quarts peaches
7 pint-and-a-half peaches
3 pints peaches
20 pints peach-blueberry jam
7 quarts pears
11 pints pear syrup
35 quarts applesauce
8 pints apple butter
4 pints pickled habenero and jalepenos


Angi said...

WOW! What an excellent accomplishment, kudos to all of your hard work. I enjoy your blog very much, many thanks. Happiest New Year!

MommaofMany said...

Thanks so much, Angi, for your kind words! It's nice to hear. I know that I get a lot of hits, especially on certain recipes, but comments are pretty few and far between. I appreciate your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an accomplishment. We are also a family of 10, so I understand just how much food it takes to feed a crew of that size!

I enjoyed visiting your blog. :o)