Spring 2010 Canning Inventory

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Sadly, I was not faithful in keeping a canning inventory in 2009, so I don't know exactly how much I canned. I'm going to try harder this year to keep up on that. Tonight, I went through the cupboards and counted what's remaining from last years canning. I think we did rather well in estimating what we needed, since I didn't run out of everything. It's rather nice to have the empty cupboards begging for the harvest to begin.

What's left:

3 qts. plum jam
2 qts + 1 pt plum butter
2 pts spiced peach jam
1 pt pomegranate jelly
2 qts soft apple jelly
1 qt apple butter
1 qt orange marmalade
3 pts. lemon marmalade
2 qts apple pie filling
14 qts applesauce
5 pts hot & spicy BBQ sauce
3 qts + 1 pt peaches
1 qt pears
3 qts carrots
4 qts tomato sauce
3 qts green beans
5 qts peppers
6 pts sweet pickles
1 qt tomato sauce

What I know I need to make more of:
Spicy Ro-tel
tomato sauce
salsa, salsa, and more salsa
pinto beans
strawberry and strawberry-based jams (they went fast last year)
apple marmalade (also a favorite)
pizza sauce (I'm canning some right now, as a matter of fact)