Kefir Smoothie

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Simple Kefir Smoothie

12 oz. frozen juice concentrate, any flavor (we love this with simple orange juice!)
4 cups kefir or raw milk
up to 1/2 cup sweetener (rapadura, etc.) to taste. (We don't find any needed with most juices. OJ needs about 1/2 cup)
2 cups water
2 tsp. vanilla
2 cups ice cubes

Add to blender and blend 30 seconds until smooth. When you use OJ, this tastes just like an Orange Julius!


Maureen said...

Hi(again) Frankie! Where do you get your raw milk? The only place I can find it is Watson's in Visalia and it's pretty pricey.

MommaofMany said...

I used to get it directly from Organic Pastures. It cost $5.50 a half gallon, and was delivered once a week. Sadly, that co-op is no longer functioning (long story).

I also make smoothies with plain yogurt, though it changes the flavor a bit.

Maureen said...

Organic Pastures is the brand we buy too, but I think it's more like $6.50 a half gallon at Watsons; as much as we drink, that dollar savings would sure be nice.

Did you find another co-op? I used to belong to one years ago and would love to join one again.

I typically use yogurt in our smoothies, tho lately I've been making yogurt from the raw milk anyway....which is why I need to find a cheaper source. Maybe I'll ask around the Farmers Market tomorrow, we found grass-fed beef last week!

MommaofMany said...

I belong to a local food co-op. I get several staples from it. The website is I don't think you can see prices without being a member, but you can see if they have items you would be interested in. They deliver once a month.

I also have a source of local honey, if you don't have one already. The prices are better than the farmer's market.

I saw the beef man last week, too. I have his brochure tucked away. The most I'd be able to get is the roasts and the bones for broth, but that's a great improvement over grocery meat. We get Costco's but it's still not grass fed.

We're going to have to get together, aren't we??